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Introduction :

Konkan Railway Project ,  constructed on BOT, Built Operate-Transfer Concept, is the biggest project undertaken by Indian Railways as far.Konkan Railway  traverses through 3 states viz. Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka linking Roha Station on Central Railway  with  a route  length of 762 kms.Commissioning of this railway line will reduce rail distance between northern/western/central India and  destinations on western coast. To cater the freight traffic requirements, goods terminal have been commissioned at Chiplun,  Ratnagiri, Kudal, Verna, Karwar and Udupi stations of Konkan railway.



Konkan Railway traverses along the picturesque west coast having varieties of flora and fauna. The natural  beauty of region complemented with elegant  man made structures will make the journey over Konkan Railway into memorable experience for the  passengers .The shortened time span, easy accessibility of historical , religious spots and to beaches along the picturesque coastline of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka states ,will contribute to a booming tourist trade.

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Salient Features-Konkan Railway project :


Gauge Broad Gauge(1676 mm)
Length 762 Km
Ruling Gradient 150(compensated)
Number of Stations 59
Number of major bridges 179(with total linear water way of 21.50 Kms . )
Number of minor bridges 1819(linear water-way of 5.73 Kms .)
Number of tunnels 92(total length 83.60 Kms.)
Longest tunnel 6.5 Km.( Karbude tunnel)
Tallest Viaduct 64 meters in height (Panval viaduct)
Longest Bridge 2065.8 m. (Sharavati river bridge)


Time Table:

Note:Following tables will give all the information except actual timings. For the latest information on actual timings please visit Konkan Railway Timetable.


Towards Train Name From To Train No Days on KR Route
Goa Jan-Shatabdi Express Dadar (T) Madgaon 2051 Except wed
Madgaon Dadar (T) 2052 Except wed
Konkankanya Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0111 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0112 Daily
Mandavi Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0103 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0104 Daily
Mangalore Matsyagandha LTT (Kurla) Mangalore 2619 Daily
Mangalore LTT(Kurla) 2620 Daily
Kerala Netravati Express LTT(Kurla) Ernakulam 6345 Daily
Ernakulam LTT(Kurla) 6346 Daily
Rajdhani Express Nizamuddin Trivandrum 2432 Mon, Wed
Trivandrum Nizamuddin 2431 Wed,Fri
Mangala Express Nizamuddin Ernakulam 2618 Daily
Ernakulam Nizamuddin 2617 Daily
Kerala Sampark Kranti Kochveli Nizamuddin 2653 Friday
Nizamuddin Kochveli 2654 Monday
'Goa' Sampark Kranti Madgaon Nizamuddin 2449 Tuesday
Nizamuddin Madgaon 2450 Sunday
Trivandrum Express Hapa Trivandrum 6333 Fri
Hapa Express Trivandrum Hapa 6334 Tue
Nagarcoil Express Gandhidham Nagarcoil 6335 Mon
Gandhidham Express Nagarcoil Gandhidham 6336 Fri
Ernakulam Express Okha Ernakulam 6337 Tue,Sun
Okha Express Ernakulam Okha 6338 Thu,Sat
Poorna Express Pune Ernakulam 1097 Sun
Ernakulam Pune 1098 Tue
Marusagar Express Jaipur Ernakulam 2978 Sat
Ernakulam Jaipur 2977 Mon
Trivandrum Express Jodhapur Trivandrum 6311 Thu
Trivandrum Jodhpur 6312 Sun



Train Name Train No. Frequency
Hazarat Nizamuddin - Vasco Goa Express 2780 Daily
Vasco - Hazarat Nizamuddin Goa Express 2779 Daily
Yeswantpur - Vasco Express 7309 Tue ,Sun
Vasco - Yeswatpur Express 7310 Mon,Sat
Vijayawada - Vasco Express 7228 Tue, Fri
Vasco - Vijayawada Express 7227 Wed,Sat



Train Name Train No. Frequency
Mangalore - Verna – Mangalore KR1 / KR2 Daily
Karwar - Madgaon – Karwar  KAM1 / KAM2 Daily
Dadar - Ratnagiri – Dadar  KR3 / KR4 Daily
Diva-Sawantwadi - Madgaon - Sawantwadi - Diva  KR5 ,KR7 / KR6 ,KR8 Daily


** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe